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Chitralekha Gujarati issue dated 10th August 2015

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APJ Kalam: People’s President Passes Away

India’s 11th president Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, reverentially nicknamed ‘the missile man of India’ died early this week leaving an irreplaceable void in the country. An ardent nationalist whose rise from humble background to occupy the top position in the country matched any fairytale was embraced by political parties of all hues in India. At a time when India is witnessing an intense and overwhelming outpouring of mourning from across the political and ideological spectrum, Chitralekha in its latest cover story pays rich tributes to one of the finest gems of India whose humility touched one and all.

In his piece the ace political commentator Nagindas Sanghvi observes that Kalam was truly a people’s president. Despite reaching the zenith of his career, he continued to represent the common man of India. In fact, Kalam’s life reinforces the fact that anyone in India, regardless of his social stature, can achieve the highest goal provided he relentlessly pursues it with hard work and single-minded devotion.

Having risen from a humble background, A P J Kalam brought to India many glories especially in the field of defence. It is not without reason that he was addressed as the missile man of India. Aptly described by L K Advani as a Karmyogi, Kalam was one of the few who elevated the post he held.

Having authored several books including Wings of Fire, Kalam had given wings to dreams of countless youths of our country. He often candidly confessed about his ambition to be a pilot but instead of brooding over his inability to be one, he made sure he flew missiles. It was he who ensured that the Indian flag reached the moon surface. Referring to such anecdotes, Hiren Mehta recalls in this part of the cover story his meeting with the former president way back in 2009 during the Chandrayan project and in 2010 too.

Some of the answers the unique scientist gave were not only quite revealing and enriching, they are as relevant even today.

He asserts that the strength of our country lies in its present and its future. Dismissing the apprehensions that many young people are skeptical about the inherent strengths of India, he suggests a solution to blend them with the mainstream. Articulating his robust optimism he was so famous for, he reposed his faith in today’s youth in India and those Indians living outside the country. The 54 crore youths are the real assets of our country. They are the ones who can dream and know how to realize them.

These young people need to have faith in their abilities and in the future of India. He had also reiterated that it was knowledge and education that sculpt one’s character, adding that knowledge is the sum total of one’s creativity and fearlessness. And if this country has to move forward, each of us has to rise above our hurdles and look beyond them, not as rivals but as friends.

Expressing hope that the future of India is very bright, Kalam advises young people to give wings to their dreams and translate their ideas into action.

In the last segment of the cover story, Ketan Mistry reminisces about his meeting with Kalam when the latter was awarded the Chitralekha Person of the Year for the year 2006. When the author went to his residence to hand over the award to him in person, what was initially promised to be 20-25 minutes was eventually extended for one hour. During this brief interview, Maulikbhai Kotak had presented him with two books one of them being one by Vajubhai Kotak, the legendary founder of Chitralekha. The former president too reciprocated by giving him his book Indomitable Spirit.

Salute to the man who ignited countless minds and showed the world how to lead a meaningful life.


Indo-Pakistan: Why Peace talks marred by terror?

It has often been seen that any attempt to re-initiate peace talks with Pakistan is sought to be derailed by explosion here or terror attacks there. During the holy month of Ramazan, waving of ISIS flags was spotted in J & K. Recently a police station in Punjab was targeted by fidayeens. There was an uncanny pattern between these seemingly random episodes as they were apparently targeted to sabotage the talks even before they take off the ground.

In this report Hiren Mehta asks the timing of these attacks which raises doubts about some plans to nip in the bud any attempt to restore peace between the -not –so-friendly countries. Does it mean that the proposed peace talks plan is sought to be aborted by vested interests? Will there be more such attacks prior to peace talks? It is obvious that some people do not want that peace be given a chance.


Is there anybody out there?

For years man on the planet has been wondering if there is any earth-like planet that inhabits life or aliens. For the past fifty five years scientists on earth are trying to find any trace of life on other planets in the galaxy but to no avail.

It seems this project to look for aliens will now get impetus as a world renowned physicist and equally famous billionaire have joined hands to kick start a project to carry on the search for the unknown.One is well-known wheel chair- bound scientist Stephens Hawkings and the latter is a Russian rich man Yuri Miner, reveals Samir Paleja in this report.

Now perhaps very soon we may bump into a neighbour, provided of course he is there at all.


Katha in Kenya

The issue also carries an interesting report by Mahesh Shah on the Ram Katha by Morari Bapu presently being organized in Kenya. Incidentally, this is the saint’s 108th Katha in overseas series. In a candid conversation with the author, the sage expresses his desire to have a Ram Katha specifically organized for transgenders. He however makes a very interesting point when he says that the objective of his Katha is not to bring about reforms but is aimed at acceptance.

The issue also has regular Political &Humour columns, Palak, Cardiogram, Priyadarshini, first chapter of a new novel, Health column, Jalsaghar & Mukhwas.


Ishita’s Elchi Question:

How would you know that man and woman have aged?

Answer: when man tries to hide his age and woman begins to reveal it..!!