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Chitralekha Gujarati issue dated  10 November 2014

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The You Tube is a new money-making machine

With advent of technology came inevitable hurdles. One of such hurdles was how to send video file with an email. Since we all now know ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, the necessity of having to send video file became instrumental in the phenomenon called You Tube being born. The three frustrated guys working in the garage came up with new video sharing tool called You Tube that changed the face of the world.

Today, most production houses, leading TV channels, Music companies take pride in being associated with it. Not only that, it creates and adds to the personas of politicos like Obama, Modi and so on. Likewise, some relatively unknown entities have earned either their 15 minutes of fame or even permanent celebrityhood, thanks to the ever-rising Utube. Created by three maverick youths, the You Tube has also become a new business, as one can spin money out of it. The latest cover story by Samir Paleja records the success story of You Tube and also shares how it can help you rake in moolah.

You Tube is by far the leading destination for internet videos, with as many as 100 clips added to it every hour. The mere mention of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is enough to illustrate the exponential growth of this unique video sharing platform. Giving expert commentary on his oddly-named website-PewDiePie-this Swedish game commentator has become hugely popular across the world. Specializing in only Action and Horror video games,  his site is the most subscribed and viewed Channel on You Tube.

Come to think of it, this young man only shares his expertise on video games but has become a much-sought-after entity, thanks to You Tube.

Obviously with wide exposure comes ad revenue. Significantly, Felix does not want his clips to be shot in a professional manner. Let You Tube be You Tube, he emphasizes. We all must have seen some or other short films on You Tube. Should you need to learn cooking or Yoga, or feel inclined to listen to a religious discourse by Morari Bapu, or want to hear Modi’s thundering political speeches, You Tube is a readily accessible tool.

The craze and popularity of tube has spread far and wide and even reached small towns, as students take recourse to You Tube for completing their projects on such subjects as solar power. This powerful tool helps you dig out some forgotten music pieces of musicians of yesteryear or even entertains you with the latest songs of Shreya Ghoshal who incidentally held the town of Rajkot enthralled at a recent event organized by Chitralekha.  Be it Hemu Gadhvi’s folksongs or Sanskrit online tutorials, we have innumerable clips uploaded on You Tube. By the way, the story informs us that there are close to 41000 films on the Sanskrit and 33000 videos on as obscure subjects as Vedic Maths. Can you believe that there are as many as 3.5 lakhs videos that feature Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Indian Cricket captain and 17 lakhs on Salman Khan, not to mention the 9.5 lakh featuring Deepika Padukon.

The You Tube impact is not only limited to celebrity or film lovers. Some very important political happenings are recorded on You Tube and go viral the moment they are uploaded. The Arab Spring revolution of 2012 had spread like a wild fire, thanks to the video showing the revolution having gone viral. The ongoing protests in Hong Kong too could not be pre-empted or suppressed by the Chinese authorities.

It is estimated that every month nearly 100 crore people watch videos-running for 600 crore hours-of their choice on You Tube. 80 percent of You Tube traffic is spread, barring America, across 60 countries in 61 languages. According to a survey, those in the age group of 18-34 watch tubes more than the cable network. And they prefer to watch films on cells rather than on their computers. The entertainment industry of America, including films TV channels and music companies makes an extensive use of You Tube.

You may have hitherto obtained a lot of information on various subjects through You Tube, but now you have information on this powerful video tool itself. The cover story  updates you on every facet of the subject.

The two boxed items too are no less interesting. The first one deals with the origin of You Tube, as it traces the circumstances that led to the birth of You Tube. The second one is more useful, as it carries the conversation with Gaurav Bhaskar of You Tube India, who informs that now you can be a partner of You Tube the moment you upload your clip, by clicking the ‘monetize’ option.

A very useful and informative story you wouldn’t regret reading.

Sarika The Biker Mehta

Barely three years ago, she never knew anything about bike, but today she is known as the Biker Queen. No mean feat. She is Sarkika Mehta of Surat, who is a Psychologist and enjoys co-relating mythology with science. But more than that, she is passionate about biking and travelled a long distance in track racing, says Faysal Bakili. Incidentally, there were only two women in race tracking before Sarika joined the elite club.

For a Gujarati housewife, it is real multitasking in a true sense of the word. Besides taking care of her family comprising husband and two kids, she has zoomed past all her contemporaries and made everyone proud.

Way to go..!!

Vibhapar: An Ideal Village

A few days back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called upon all members of Parliament to adopt a village each so that it can be taken care of and developed properly. One might ask which village Modi will adopt for development. In this story, Chitrangad Jani singles out one such village that is ideal for adoption by the prime minister.

With a population of 4000, Vibhapar  village is an epitome of unity and harmony. Each of them is so devoted and committed about the welfare of their village that they do not allow any crime or even thievery to take place. Picking members from among them, they have made 6 units, with each unit assigned different areas in the village to keep vigil. As a result, the village is so safe that no outsider would dare venture into it for any wrongdoing.

Isn’t it suitable for adoption by Modi?

A Musical Evening with Shreya Ghoshal

Jwalant Chhaya files a report on a musical event organized by Chitralekha at Rajkot. Known as a new nightingale of India, Shreya Ghoshal mesmerized the town with her melodious numbers and more importantly, her persona on the stage.

At the end of the show, they were all convinced that this evening is not going to be forgotten for a long time.

Besides, the issue also carries Political & Humour columns, Palak, Cardiogram, Health Helpline, Priyadarshini, Jalsaghar and Mukhwas

Ishita’s Elchi

Ishita’s old but most favourite elchi on the New Year eve.

To be successful in life, do what you like or like what you do..!!