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Chitralekha Gujarati issue dated 21 April’14 - English Summary

Elections: What Do Our Leaders’ Stars Hold For India?
Crystal gazing has always fascinated and intrigued us. Astrology has always been an inseparable part of our life. Whether for a small happening or a big event in our life, we always take recourse to astrology. Be it a cricket match, or a product/ company launch or a business deal or something as routine as children coaching, most of us never fail to fall back on the science that claims to give us a glimpse into the future. So understandably, when it comes to something so huge like elections, our candidates eyeing big and plum posts cannot be left behind. Our past politicians were known for their affinity for astrology. If all rules in the book could be bent to win a seat, why not use astrology as well? Fair enough. The prevailing trend has spurred Chitralekha to come up with a cover story (Sunil Mewada, Gopal Pandya, Mahesh Shah, Faysal Bakili and Jwalant Chhaya) to find out what our politicians’ stars hold for the future of our country.

The Chitralekha team of writers meets a few leading astrologers, graphologist, and pundits to know what the stars of Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal hold in store for them and for our country. The result has thrown up some interesting findings. A leading astrologer, Dr Manhar Desai feels that post elections the country will undergo a total transformation, suggesting that the present government will make way for the NDA dispensation. But the country will pass through instability and uncertainty because of BJP’s internal strife and dissent. However, post November this year, the situation will be restored. According to him, Narendra Modi is going to be prime minister on a majority of votes, if not through consensus.

Since more than one horoscope of Rahul Gandhi is in public domain, it is difficult to say anything with certitude, but going by one of the horoscopes, he is not likely to head the country now or even in near future. Also, his stars predict his father’s accidental death and a risk to his life. As for the AAP, since the party is born during a very auspicious phase, it is expected to progress fairly rapidly. Even on the national scene, Kejriwal’s party will take huge strides and though its seats may not be huge in number, the party will make its presence felt as it has a strong opposition voice.

Also, the series of lunar and solar eclipses we are going to witness during the next fortnight do not portend well for the country, as there is an ominous possibility of a political leader facing a deadly attack. There will be a stable government, no doubt after November this year, but the simmering revolt within the BJP will resurface after two and a half years, the NDA alliance will survive it though. Jaylalita may play a very important role in formation of the next government, but Mamta Banerjee despite having a good number of seats may not have any major role.

While both Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar seem to be nearing the end of their political careers, Sushma Swaraj and Jaitely are strongly supported by their stars and are likely to head important ministries in the next government, but L K Advani has to remain content with his number 2 position, always, it appears.

Similarly, another renowned soothsayer Harshadbhai Dave alias Bapa reveals that Rahul’s constellations of stars will cause some internal resistance within the party and he himself will end up taking a few wrong decisions. Also, his mother may face a few health issues. There is no possibility of his occupying the highest position in the country.

Endowed with a gift of the gab, Narendra Modi is likely to win something around 213 to 229 seats. And post July NaMo will have to guard his own post very carefully, before the opposition has a chance to regroup itself.

Kejriwal is not strong as he looks. Not likely to get women support, it would not be surprising if the newly-born party faces some existential issues post this election.

We also have a piece on numerology where leading numerologist Sanjay Jumani offers his take on the political future of the country, based on the numbers governing the contenders’ lives According to him, Narendra Modi is likely to be crowned after this elections.

Although the fate of the country will be revealed only on May 16 when the results of the 16 General Elections 2014 will be declared, the latest cover story offers a very interesting astrological take, based on the horoscopes of the contenders who are in the fray.

Jains: United we Stand
162 years after the salvation of Lord Mahavirswami, Jains had divided into four sects. Now members of all four branches-Digambers, idols worshipping, Sthanakvvasi & Terapanth are congregating under one roof at ‘Bhagwan Mahavir Janm Kalyan Mahotsav’ to be held on 13 April this year, rekindling the possibility of a unity among the divided branches.

Will they join hands? And will the unity, if at all forged, be permanent? It all depends on what the senior monks and religious leaders have to say, says Devanshu Desai.

In fact, this division harms the religion, as it deters the young aspirants from joining it, says Namra Muni, a leading and popular Jain monk, who makes a very interesting observation: Lord Mahavirswami and Buddha were contemporaries, yet Buddhism has spread all over the world having not less than 800 millions followers, whereas Jainism has split into various groups with about 8 million disciples.

The accompanying boxed piece informs that a film on Lord Mahavirswami is going to be made by three youths at a cost of Rs 400 crores and announcement to this effect will be made on the above occasion.

Transgenders: Undergoing a Makeover
Jamnagar recently witnessed a unique conference of 5000 transgenders at a national level. The agenda prioritized addressing a sensitive issue of the identity of the community members, besides of course organizing religious events like Raas-garba. What was noteworthy, says Chitrangad Jani, was that the transgenders who had come from all over the country seemed keen to undergo a transformation, flaunting their laptops and android cells, apparently in a bid not to lag behind.

Bookies: NaMo is Hot, Others Are Not
Bookies are always known to have their ear to the ground. Given the volume of stakes involved in their trade, they cannot afford to go wrong. More than the psephologists, they are the ones who know the pulse of the nation. And Prakash Bambhrolia who sneaks into the world of bookies says that they tip Narendra Modi to be the next prime minister. According to them, NaMo is a hot favourite, followed by RaGa and then by Kejriwal.

The rule of the game is that whoever is least favourite will bring you maximum returns on your bets.

There are also regular Political & Humour columns, Palak, Cardiogram, Health Helpline, novel fresh chapter, Priyadarshini, Jalsaghar and Mukhwas.

And lastly, Chitralekha has added one more feather-edition to their multi-feathered cap. Already having five editions, the publication is adding the sixth-Saurastra-Kutch edition to their stable.

Ishita’s Elchi
There are two ways to be happy. One, forgive whom you can’t forget and second: forget whom you cannot forgive, for good..!!