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Chitralekha Gujarati issue dated 30th March 2015

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The Google Story

Google is not just a search engine the idea of which germinated in a small garage when Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, were working on a doctoral thesis. They first met on the campus of Stanford University in the year 1995 and very soon they were to create something the size and scale of which still amazes people. The cover story (by Samir Paleja) in the latest issue of Chitralekha shares an inspiring saga of Google, an interesting mix of known and unknown facts.

Google evolved beyond the stage when it started as a small spark in a garage. It has also gone beyond the massive corporate entity it later became, that offered job to a Gujarati youth with a mind-boggling annual salary of more than Rs 1 crore . It is now a revolution, a synonym for the treasure trove of information about anything and everything under the sun. The search engine is now so popular that instead of saying ‘go search the information’, we say, ‘go Google it..!!

The amazingly successful internet company was founded in the year 1998 and is currently the world’s most favourite and popular search engine, way ahead of other search engines on the Net. And now Google is entering in other fields as well.

Prior to the birth of Google, some computer experts toyed with the idea of putting together all information available on the internet in an organized manner, but they quietly scrapped the idea upon realization that the task would take close to 300 years. Larry and Sergey too strung together cables of their old worn-out computer and made what they called the first search engine. The objective was the same: to present whatever information the surfer needs in a cohesive format. The Search Engine was christened Google by the duo. The literal meaning of the word Google is the figure that involves numeric 1 followed by one hundred zeroes.

The moment you key in the word ‘Google’ in the Google search engine, millions of pages pop up in just .37 seconds. Today Brin and Page occupy the place among the first 20 wealthiest people in the world, all thanks to their unique search engine Google. Both however draw only one dollar per year towards remuneration. The reason for Google being currently in the news is the fact that a Rajkot-based young lad has been offered a job with a package of rupees 1 crore and 14 lakhs. The headquarters of Google called Googleplex based in North Carolina gets nearly 10 lakhs job applications every year and only the best and brightest among them get the coveted job.

Now Google has entered in the fields of mobile, apps, android, nexus phone, utube etc and has become a virtual powerhouse of the internet. Print media and news and entertainment industry too feel threatened as Google news and you tube have intruded into their areas.

In the documentary Inside Google made by National Geographic, Google has been equated with a Tsunami of Technology and Global vacuum cleaner of digital data. The figures given in the cover story reveal the incredible scale of the Google activities. In October 2014, Google was adjudged the second most valuable brand in the world and its valuation was estimated to be little lower than that of the Apple, which was the first most valuable brand.

In the years 2007,2008 and 2012, Fortune magazine dubbed it as the Best Company to Work With. In the year 2010, it was described as the most attractive employer in the world.

The similarities between is founders were that both were born in 1973 and shared the Jewish origin. Also, the parents of both Page and Brin were scientists. The following pages reveal how both created the revolution called Google.

While one small box deals with some fascinating tidbits about Google, the second box reveals how Google avoids paying a huge tax by transferring part of their income to the Bermuda island where corporate tax is not charged.

In a related piece, Jwalant Chhaya gives a write up of Krunal Patel, who came second in India in the Google admission test and was ranked eighth in Asia. It reads like a surreal story as the boy who has studied in a Gujarati medium school scaled the heights nobody else could. The story reveals the secret of Krunal phenomenal and incredible feat.

So, instead of wading through the millions of pages in Google to know more about Google, all you have to do is to read the cover story in the latest issue of Chitralekha.

Go get it.

Peace Memorial in a Polarized Zone

You will get to see several memorials in the name of Vasant-Rajab and now one such peace memorial will soon come up in a police station too. Mahesh Shah decodes the mystery behind the chain of such peace memorials in an area which has witnessed a number of hate-filled communal clashes, resulting in a vertical split between the communities.

The story of martyrdom of two young apostles of peace-Vasant Hegisthte and Rajab Ali Lakhani-is still relevant in today’s India. Both had taken it upon themselves to stop needless violence and convince their respective communities to shun violence. But the messengers of peace ultimately sacrificed their lives in Ahmedabad way back in early forties.

Solar Impulse 2

The first round the world zero-fuel solar flight (Solar Impulse 2) that recently landed in Ahmedabad will be making a stop at Varanasi for about a day and then head for its next destination Mandalay in Myanmar. The mission has been undertaken with a noble aim of ensuring a green world is the first aircraft flying on solar energy. Who are the people involved in the project? Why were Varanasi and Ahmedabad chosen as destinations? Ketan Trivedi shares some interesting details with us in this story.

Besides, the issue also carries Political & Humour columns, Palak, Cardiogram, Priyadarshini, new chapter of novelette, Health Helpline, Jalsaghar and Mukhwas.

Ishita’s Elchi

Q: What is happiness?

A: It is not freedom from the storm, but the peace you experience in the midst of a storm..!